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Production, Quality, and Manufacturing (PQM) Career Field Overview

The Production, Quality, and Manufacturing (PQM) workforce has diverse but highly synergistic skill requirements. The production and manufacturing workforce monitors and manages the manufacturing and production activities at industry or Government facilities; provides realistic approaches to manufacturing and supply chain management; conducts feasibility assessments of manufacturing risk; and provides advice, assistance, and recommendations to support "make" or "buy" decisions. The quality workforce manages quality assurance (QA) processes to establish essential quality standards and controls; evaluates and executes test provisions for QA requirements throughout the systems acquisition cycle; integrates QA plans into the systems engineering process; and performs process and product-oriented reviews and audits ensuring compliance with requirements.

Production, Quality, and Manufacturing professionals may hold a variety of positions to include: production, manufacturing, production management, industrial specialist, production officer, or general, industrial, aerospace, or mechanical engineer.

For the most current information, visit the PQM Career Gateway on the Defense Acquisition Portal.