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Engineering (Non-Construction) OSD Functional Community Manager Role and Responsibilities

DASD(SE) serves as the OSD Functional Community Manager (OFCM) for the Engineering (Non-Construction) (ENG(NC)) Functional Community. The OFCM’s specific responsibilities are detailed in DoDI 1400.25, Vol 250: Civilian Strategic Human Capital Planning.

In accordance with this instruction, DASD(SE) supports DoD-wide workforce planning and provides oversight for the civilian occupations in the ENG(NC) Functional Community to ensure readiness of the workforce to support DoD missions.

DASD(SE) responsibilities as the ENG(NC) OFCM include working with Component Functional Community Managers (CFCMs); OUSD(P&R); command leadership, manpower, and financial management authorities; and human resources consultants to conduct strategic and competency-based workforce planning. DASD(SE) monitors the analysis of current and projected mission requirements, environmental influences, attrition and retention trends, and workload forecasts to identify current or potential ENG(NC) Functional Community manpower requirements.

As the ENG(NC) OFCM, DASD(SE) participates in the DoD Strategic Human Capital Management Executive Steering Committee (DoD SHCM ESC) which reviews and recommends appropriate functional community structure, mission critical occupations, and resources for functional community planning in order to better manage the total workforce in accordance with strategic workforce planning and Functional Community Governance Structure.