OUSD A&S Mission & Priorities

Six goals drive the delivery of our mission

OUSD A&S Strategic Road Map

Acquisition & Sustainment Mission

Enable the Delivery and Sustainment of Secure and Resilient Capabilities to the Warfighter and International Partners Quickly and Cost Effectively


Speed, Data Driven, Enable Service Success, Share Best Practices, Competitive Advantage, Ability to Scale & Tailor When Needed, Cyber Resiliency, Trust

Goal 1: Speed

  • Create, Train, and Implement the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (e.g., re-write of 5000, and agility in software development)
  • Develop Analytical Framework to Support Data Driven Decisions
  • Translate Statute into Streamlined Acquisition Policy with Business Processes that Keep Pace with Technology
  • Enable Contracting at the Speed of Relevance

Enable Innovative Acquisition Approaches that Deliver Warfighting Capability at the Speed of Relevance

Goal 2: Resiliency

Build a Safe, Secure, and Resilient Defense Industrial Base
(commercial and organic)

  • Leverage Unique OSD Authorities and Regulations (e.g., DPA Title 1 and 3, and Mentor Protégé)
  • Identify and Reduce Vulnerabilities in DIB and Supply Chain (e.g., implement 13806, and create CMMC)
  • Address Impacts of Prohibited Foreign Investments (e.g., CFIUS, FIRRMA, and Trusted Capital)

Goal 3: Safety

  • Enhance the Quality of Military Housing (e.g., privatization)
  • Ensure Installation Energy Resilience
  • Mitigate Environmental Threats to Past, Current, and Future Installations (e.g., PFOS/PFOA)
  • Ensure Installation Cyber Resilience

Ensure Safe and Resilient DoD Installations

Goal 4: Capability

Increase Weapon System Mission Capability While Reducing Operating Cost

  • Improve F-35 Execution (e.g., development, production, and sustainment)
  • Improve Nuclear Sustainment and Expedite Nuclear Modernization
  • Expedite Logistics Innovation
  • Enhance Weapon System Cyber Resiliency
  • Focus on critical DIB Capabilities (e.g., 5G, Microelectronics, Hypersonics, Nuclear Triad, C-UAS)
  • Identify emerging threats in Chem/Bio warfare space

Goal 5: Partnership

  • Identify and Exploit Opportunities for Interoperability with Potential Partners
  • Enable Timely FMS Deliveries via Contracting, Dialogue with Industry, Tech Release, and Plan for Exportability
  • Partner with Interagency and Industry Stakeholders to Advance Shared Equities
  • Strengthen Industrial Base Through Approved International Partners

Promote Acquisition & Sustainment Initiatives with Key International Partners

Goal 6: Development

Recruit, Develop, and Retain a Diverse Acquisition & Sustainment Workforce

  • Enhance Acquisition Workforce Talent Management Tools and Processes
  • Transform the way We Train and Develop the Acquisition Workforce
  • Enhance Diversity in the Acquisition Workforce
  • Grow Competencies in Emerging Disciplines; Validate Annually
  • Develop an International Training Module for DAU