TTCP Guide for Understanding and Implementing Defense Experimentation (GUIDEx)

This document provides critical guidance to support successful defense experimentation. It has been produced by defense experimentation expert representatives from the defense science and technology (S&T) organizations in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States under the auspices of The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP), Joint Systems Analysis (JSA) Group, Action Group (AG) 12 on Methods and Approaches for Warfighting Experiments. JSA-AG-12 worked from March 2002 until July 2005. It produced this TTCP Guide for Understanding and Implementing Defense Experimentation (GUIDEx), which describes 14 Principles leading to valid (good) experimentation that are amplified through 8 Case Studies drawn from the participating nations and coalitions. It has been prepared in three parts: Part I provides an introduction and overview to the 14 Principles, Part II contains the full explanation of the Principles, and Part III presents the Case Studies.

Although this guide has been written mainly for the practitioners and designers of defense experimentation, we hope that it will stimulate better communication among military officers, government officials and the defense scientific communities of the allied nations on all matters associated with defense experimentation. Additionally, the experimentation Principles described in this guide apply to other large enterprises and multiple agency operations, for example in homeland security.

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Currently 5000 copies of GUIDEx have been printed for distribution by TTCP.

GUIDEx Documents
GUIDExBookFeb2006.pdf (2883 kBytes) TTCP Guide for Understanding and Implementing Defense Experimentation (GUIDEx) - Book
GUIDExPocketbookMar2006.pdf (1416 kBytes) Understanding and Implementing Defense Experimentation (GUIDEx) - Pocketbook
GUIDExPamphletMar2006.pdf (404 kBytes) Understanding and Implementing Defense Experimentation (GUIDEx) - Pamphlet (Triptych)