TTCP Roster Forms

We are working to ensure that the TTCP Roster remains accurate and helpful. To do so, we have created a form and procedures for updating the Roster. There are two types of updates:

  1. Personal Details (e.g. phone number, e-mail address). If you wish to update your own personal details, fill out the Roster Advice & Update form and e-mail or fax it directly to the Australian Embassy in Washington for immediate update.

  2. Official TTCP Appointment Information (e.g. add a new TTCP member or change a TTCP appointment). If you wish to update official TTCP appointment information, fill out the Roster Advice & Update form, and send it via the route outlined on the form to obtain concurrence of the appropriate TTCP officials (National Representative and Executive Chair).

The accuracy of the Roster depends on your input. Please review your Roster entry and return an update form if you notice any required corrections.

The Washington Staff also regularly produce updated Microsoft Access forms for querying and reporting data from the TTCP Roster database. You can only obtain the database through secure means (e.g. in encrypted form from your country's TTCP Secretariat member, or on the TTCP secure Webmail Site or secure Portal), but you can obtain the Microsoft Access forms here:

GUIDEx Documents
GUIDExBookFeb2006.pdf (918 kBytes) TTCP Roster Microsoft Access 2000 + XP forms
RosterAdvice-UpdateTemplate.doc (72 kBytes) Roster Advice & Update form