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The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) is an international organization that collaborates in defence scientific and technical information exchange; program harmonization and alignment; and shared research activities for the five nations.

TTCP Overview:

The overview covers some historical background, the aims of the program, and how TTCP is organized. The functional activities of TTCP are described, as well as the definition of TTCP technology demonstrators. A downloadable document: "TTCP '101' - A Beginner's Guide to The Technical Cooperation Program" is also available.

TTCP Guidance:

Guidance documents for TTCP may be found here. These include introductory documents as well as the policy and procedures documents for TTCP.

TTCP Reference:

Available downloads include the TTCP Guide for Understanding and Implementing Defense Experimentation (GUIDEx) and the TTCP Roster forms.

TTCP Technical Documents:

This page contains TTCP technical documents of broad interest.

TTCP Groups:

The tasks of TTCP are carried out within the 10 Groups described on this page.


TTCP liaises with other military research agencies and standardization groups to reduce duplication of effort.

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A broad array of links related to the various aspects of TTCP.

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