Web Policy

Federal Regulations

The following Federal laws and regulations will be used as relevant guidance to ensure compliance with the policies and directives that relate to websites and web applications.

  • Access for People with Disabilities (Section 508)
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Privacy Requirements
  • E-Government Act of 2002
  • Information Quality
  • Security Protocols to Protect Information

DoD Policies

The DoD Website Administration Policy will be used as guidance in operating and maintaining unclassified web sites or related web services. The policies and best practices defined in this guidance include web site establishment, information posting process, and information review and approval. Other DoD Directives that are a significant part of the DoD Website Administration Policy that will be referenced include:

  • DoD Directive 5230.9 and DoD Instruction 5230.9

Disclaimer Notice

Industry Standards and Best Practices as defined by the Federal Web Managers Council will be applied with practices to make a more user friendly web presence. Some of these practices and standards include:

  • Management
    • Establish Linking Policies
    • Determine COOP Requirements
    • Avoid Duplication
    • Use Government Domains
  • Usability, Accessibility and Design
    • Consistent Navigation
    • Color Schemes
    • Appropriate Design Tools
    • Data Access Controls
  • Improving and Evaluating
    • Usability Testing
    • Fixing Broken Links
    • Measure Technical Performance
    • Measure Customer Satisfaction
    • Informing Users of Website Changes
  • Managing Content
    • Ensure Content is Current
    • Organize Based on Audience Needs
    • Have an Effective Homepage
    • Use Basic Terminology
  • Using Technology
    • Search Engines

Public Websites

The A&S Public website hosted on ACQWeb (www.acq.osd.mil) is unrestricted, open to the public for general consumption, and is considered a public website. The websites in this category will adhere to relevant Federal regulations, DOD policies and Industry Best Practices relevant to publicly accessible websites.

Website Access Control

  • A&S website hosted on ACQWeb (www.acq.osd.mil) is unrestricted and shall remain open to the public.
  • A&S public websites shall adhere to relevant Federal regulations, DOD policies and Industry “Best Practices” for publicly accessible websites.


A&S websites are currently audited quarterly to ensure compliance with A&S and DOD regulations and best practices. Web governance standards will be added as a part of the audit that currently measures compliance and control to include:

  • Website Owner/Administrator
  • Content Updates
  • Website Usage
  • FOUO Compliance